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From fresh to frozen fish, we have it all! Try our signature Crab and Seafood boil and Cajun breading. Frank is constantly changing and growing the market to fit his customers' needs. Stop in today to get all of your fish and seafood.

An expanding company

After establishing Fish and Seafood, LLC, Frank began supplying fresh fish and seafood to Columbus and central Ohio.


After his wholesale company expanded into Dayton, Cincinnati, and Northern Kentucky, Frank realized that there were few quality seafood markets in Columbus.



In December of 2006 was when the magic happened and Frank's Fish and Seafood was opened for retail sales. Giving Columbus its first high quality retail seafood market.

Where it all began

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Frank's Fish and Seafood Market was a dream come true for business owner Frank Gonzalez. He started by opening a wholesale company in 1990 called Fish and Seafood, LLC and selling high quality seafood to markets and restaurants.

A dream come true

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