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fresh fish in Frank's Fish and Seafood Market

Ahi tuna - wild (Phillipines)

Bacon wrapped scallops

Bay scallops - wild (USA)

Catfish fillet - farm (China)

Chem-free sea scallops - wild (USA)

Claw meat 1-lb can

Cooked shrimp 26/30 - wild (USA)

Crab cakes (USA)

E-Z peel gulf shrimp (26/30)

Haddock - wild (USA)

Halibut - wild (USA)

Jumbo lump canned crab meat 1-lb can

Lake yellow perch - wild (USA)

Lump canned crab, eat 1-lb can

Mahi-Mahi - wild (Ecuador)

Ocean perch - wild (USA)

Orange marinated salmon - farm (USA)

Orange roughy - wild (New Zealand)

Raw P&D shrimp 13/15 - wild (USA)

Red snapper

Red snapper - wild (USA)

Ruby red trout

Salted cod - Canada Wild

Scottish salmon - wild (Scotland)

Skin-on Atlantic salmon - farm (USA)


Sockeye salmon - Wild

Sole - wild (USA)

Special canned crab meat 1-lb Can

Squid tubes and tentacles

Tilapia (USA)

Topneck clams

Walleye - wild (USA)

You can get great fresh fish for a low price when you shop with us. All of our fish is sold by pound unless stated otherwise.

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You can trust you are getting the best when you shop with us. We have been supplying the highest quality seafood to residents and businesses since 1990.

Shop from the freshest selection of both wild caught and sustainable farm-raised seafood.

You can get all of your favorite fresh fish varieties in our two fresh fish showcases brimming with different species.


View our large variety of smoked and frozen seafood as well. Visit us today and eat at our magnificent restaurant.

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