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Ahi tuna 6oz -

All natural quail 1 lb -

Alligator meat 1 lb -

Baby octopus -

Beer battered cod -

Breaded clam strips -

Breaded flounder fillets -

Butterfly shrimp 3 lb -

Cajun country smoked sausage 1 lb -

Catfish nuggets

Chilean sea bass -

Clam meat -

Cob fillets 5 lb -

Jonah Crab Cocktail claws

Coconut Breaded scallops -

Cocount breaded shrimp

Conch fritters 1 lb - Pack

Conch meat -

Cooked octopus Chunks


Cooked shrimp (16-20)

Cooked shrimp (26-30)

Coooked Shrimp All Sizes

Crawfish tail meat 1 lb Pack

Escargots Seasoned

Extra large lobster tails

Frog legs (large)

Green Half Shell Mussels

Gourmet Soups 20/oz all types

H&G whiting 5 lb Box

Haddock Cellos 5-lb box

Halibut steaks 8oz each

Jumbo king crab legs 6-9ct.

Kingfish steaks

Lobster tails 11oz -

Lake Smelts Dressed/Or Battered



More great options

You can get more than just fish when you shop with us!


Andouille sausage 1 lb Pack

Smoked Bluefish Fillets

Smoked Trout Fillets

Farm-rasied rabbit -

Salmon Stuffed Ravioli

Buy more, pay less


Whole cornish hens -

Whole duck -

Whole dungeness crab -

Clam Meat-

Whole octopus - All Sizes


You are sure to find something you want / need when you shop our frozen seafood! We even have something for the land lover in your family.

Check out our other amazing smoked and fresh seafood products! Don't forget to contact us for any questions!

Shop our amazing frozen seafood

Lobster Tails 6oz  -

Mahi-Mahi 4oz -

Mussels Whole Cooked

20-24ct Red king crab legs -

Ocean smelts 1 lb -

Orange roughy filets 8-12/oz

Jumbo Oysters on a half shell -20pc. Tray

Perch fillets Ocean All Sizes

Pub battered cod fillets -

Raw P&D shrimp All Sizes-

Saku block tuna -

Salmon Roe/Cavair-

Salmon Portions Skinless-Atlantic

Sardines 2 lb  Portiguel

Seafood mix 1 lb -

Shark steaks 4 or 6oz -

Shrimp bait (for fishing)

Smoked alligator sausage 3 to 1-lb

Smoked pork and

crawfish sausage 3 to 1-lb

Smoked Pork &

ShrimpSausage 3 to 1-lb

Snow crab clusters -

Soft shell crab -

Soft Shell Crawfish-

Squid rings Large- 1-lb Pack

Squid tubes or tubes and

tenicles 2.5 lbs -

Spring rolls with shrimp -

Stuffed clams -

Stuffed crab -

Stuffed pinnwheels with

salmon -

Stuffed scallops -

Swordfish steaks 8oz -

Tuna Steaks All Sizes

Turtle meat -USA

Whiting Fillets- All Sizes


red frozen fish