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Perfect for a get together or just to have around the house, you are sure to make a splash with one of our seafood dips.

Get some great herring

Your entire family will love all of our smoked fish options, but be sure to pick up some a jar of herring.


Yummy herring nestled in a jar of wine and cream sauce is pure deliciousness.

  • Smoked herring

  • Smoked rainbow trout

  • Smoked salmon (Varieties - Peppered, Pastrami)

  • Award Winning Pates - Smoked Salmon, Smoked Bluefish, Smoked Steelhead Trout

Try our delicious smoked fish

You can get any fish or seafood you desire when you shop with us!


Get great fish today!

Choose from our over 500 seafood products!

Don't forget the dip

Get all of your seafood and fish at Frank's Seafood and Fish Market. If you love a little extra flavor, try one of our smoked fish varieties today. You will always get the best quality and

prices with us.


Choose from a variety

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